History of B3DPShop.com –


Bradenton 3D Printing LLC Officially Forms

On April 9, 2021 Shaun Lehoe and Cody Burrow officially formed Bradenton 3D Printing LLC in an effort to bring the art of 3D Printing to life for customers with the formation of the company in the State of Florida.


Etsy Site Launch

We began by showcasing our own 3D creations on Etsy.com with the launch of www.bradenton3dprinting.com.


Launch of Dive Gear Line

We become the first to offer personalized cave diving gear that is 3D printed to order. Becomes a huge success and still our number one seller in 3D Printing


Product Expansion Begins

With his 25+ years of experience in retail and business management, Shaun Lehoe, begins negotiations with multiple vendors and partners and signs strategic contracts to partner with and sell some of the top brands in technology, home decor, pet supplies, fragrance, medical supplies, and personal care products.


B3DPShop.com Launches

With the expanded product offering we launch B3DPShop.com in order to display our entire product offering.


We go National

Bradenton 3D Printi
ng LLC officially registers as a business and is issued a Sales Tax Number in 46 States, Puerto Rico, and Washington D.C.,


File for Brand Trademark for B3DPShop.com

Filed application to the USPTO to trademark B3DPShop.com as an offically registered brand.


Expand to Canada


We go International

France issues our first international VAT Number as a registered business making us an international company.


Expand to Italy


Expand to United Kingdom


Expand to Czechia


Receive Official GS1 UPC Prefix 8600076135

The B3DPShop.com brand achieves it’s first offcial brand milestone by becoming officialy registered with GS1 as a Brand and issued U.P.C. (Universal Product Code) prefix 8600076135. (Every product made and sold is given an UPC code that is typically expressed as a barcode used to scan the item for inventory and sales at registers. The beginning part of that barcode identifies the brand that manufactured the item.)


Expand to Germany

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B3DPShop.com® becomes Registered Trademark


New Trademark Logo